Front Tank Panniers

The small Wolfman tank bag on the Honda CRF250 Rally
The small Wolfman tank bag on the Honda CRF250 Rally

Wolfman - USA

Cost - Came with the bike

Front panniers are great. They move weight and bulk away from the rear. The Honda CRF250 Rally has long travel front suspension, so I have no problem it up more there. These Wolfman tankbag and side-pannier pockets came with the bike and I decided to keep them.

Tank Bag

The tank bag could be bigger. It measures and holds under half a liter. It's good for essentials or things you need quick access to while on the bike. I keep a compass and spare charger in there. I'd probably put spare change and some lip balm too. It won't fit much and it doesn't get in the way of riding, which I love.

The small Wolfman tank bag on the Honda CRF250 Rally

Side Tank Panniers

These babies are awesome. They're super basic and you could easily make them yourself. They carry about 3-4 liters each. They are uninstructive and do an excellent job of shielding your legs from dirt and the weather. I mounted them away from the tank.

They are a great for quick access while on the bike. You can drop things in them without dismounting. It's really convenient if someone passes you something like a can of coke. I put anything that needs to charge from the USB power supply.

The pannier pockets protect the fairings on this bike. I expect them to absorb some of the weight of the bike in a fall. That means I can't put anything too fragile in there. They need to be protected by something soft like clothing if it's in there. I'd avoid having anything fragile in there on a hard trail.

My hand next to the Wolfman tank pannier for size reference

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