The 2017 Honda CRF 250 Rally - 'Sheepskin'

The Honda CRF 250 Rally that was to take me 50,000km from Melbourne to London

Low-cost, modern and reliable, this 157kg dual purpose bike is perfect to go around the world. It's based on the tried and tested Honda CRF250L and has a larger fuel tank, windshield, and LED headlights. It was picked up second-hand for just under $5,000 AUD with 7,000km on the clock.

You can read more about why I chose the Honda CRF250 Rally here.

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Riding Melbourne > London in 2020

A map with red string from melbourne to london covers Dylan George Field's bedroom wall

Update: 3/3/2020 I made the uncertain and unfortunate call to cancelled the trip after 6 months of dedicated planning and hard work. This is based on a projected spread of the virus and reports of border closures with Iran and China. I expect the virus to become pandemic with further uncertainty and closures. Catching this early means I can stay at work and keep my house. Thank you all for your support.

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3x USB Chargers

The Motopower twin USB charger on the right front fairing āš”

Motopower - China

Cost - $35 AUD


You need USB chargers. Multiple redundant USB chargers. There's no way around it. Everything electrically important to your adventure depends on it. They break, so make sure you have one or two as backup and they are tested!

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Increased Rear Spring Pre-load

Adjust the rear spring pre-load with a hole punch āœŠ

Homemade - Me

Cost - $10 AUD


The rear sags a lot from factory on the Honda CRF250 Rally. Everyone who owns one knows this. It's great if you're short because it lowers the bike but it causes havoc to the handling of the bike. It makes the front feel like a pogo-stick and you'll likely bottom out with heavy luggage and a pillion. Forget it if you're over 80kg!

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Handlebar Glasses Case

I won't lose another 7 pairs of glasses on my next adventure!

Generic - China

Cost - $5 AUD


I lost 7 pairs of glasses on my trip around the USA. Two of them were prescription. They cost me about $300 AUD. It was a costly lesson as I need them to see long distance, especially at night time in the rain. It meant I couldn't see clearly and I missed all the stars!

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Front Tank Panniers

The small Wolfman tank bag on the Honda CRF250 Rally

Wolfman - USA

Cost - Came with the bike


Front panniers are great. They move weight and bulk away from the rear. The Honda CRF250 Rally has long travel front suspension, so I have no problem it up more there. These Wolfman tankbag and side-pannier pockets came with the bike and I decided to keep them.

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Front Pannier Pockets

The pannier pockets are above the Wolfman tank panniers

Decathlon - France

Cost - $40 AUD


Pannier pockets are expensive if you buy motorbike specific ones. The Giant Loop ones are $150. I can't justify that. I just wanted some bags to store tyre tubes in. I decided to find an alternative.

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Lithium Ion Battery

The SSB LH71-BS lithium ion battery installed on the Honda CRF250 Rally

Super Start Batteries (SSB) - Australia

Cost - $200 AUD


You need a reliable battery for a long-distance trip. The CRF is around 2 years old and has the original battery. It works fine, for how long I'm not sure. Given my trip from Melbourne to London would take around 7-9 months. I'd rather not risk it.

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Foam Air Filter

The air filter is accessible by removing the right-hand side middle fairing

Unifilter - Australia

Cost - $50 AUD


Air filters are cheap. They cost around $25 AUD and need to be replaced every 25,000km on a Honda CRF250 Rally. My trip from Melbourne to London would take approx 50,000km so I would need to swap it at leased once. I don't want to bother trying to find one on the road. I could take a spare but I don't like to carry things I don't need. Plus, it could get damaged.

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Lowered Seat

The finished lowered seat with faux sheepskin cover šŸ‘

Homemade - Me

Cost - $50 AUD


I'm 5"5' and am vertically challenged. My inseam is 28" and while the CRF250 Rally has a modest seat height of 32.5 (895mm) plus a lot of sag at the factory setting, it doesn't give me lots of confidence at low speed. I don't want to sacrifice ride height and I don't mind sitting on a plank so I decided to lower the seat.

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Heated Handgrips

Take care to install the delicate elements!

Generic - China

Cost - $12 AUD


Heated grips make life in cold weather more bearable. My hands bear the brunt of morning frost, high altitude chill and wet weather. Thick gloves help but they stiffen my hands and reduce the feel of the handlebars and throttle.

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