Increased Rear Spring Pre-load

Adjust the rear spring pre-load with a hole punch āœŠ
Adjust the rear spring pre-load with a hole punch āœŠ

Homemade - Me

Cost - $10 AUD

The rear sags a lot from factory on the Honda CRF250 Rally. Everyone who owns one knows this. It's great if you're short because it lowers the bike but it causes havoc to the handling of the bike. It makes the front feel like a pogo-stick and you'll likely bottom out with heavy luggage and a pillion. Forget it if you're over 80kg!

I'm 63kg. It's okay for me but I carry maybe 30kg of gear. Increasing the pre-load is the next best thing to buying a new spring or shock. I went with the former, being the cheapskate I am. It did wonders!

I cranked it to the max. The bike sits on the kickstand better and is firmer. The ride height has increased for my little legs but it's a good sacrifice. The bike's heavy. It wallows over bumps and will now bounce. It should be perfect when fully loaded šŸ¤ž

Cranking the preload


  • An allen key
  • Small socket/spanner (12mm?)
  • Hammer
  • Hole punch


  1. Remove right hand centre fairing
  2. Unbolt the rear brake reservoir (for access)
  3. Locate the two large nuts at the top of the shock absorber
  4. Position the hole punch on the notch of top nut (counter-clockwise)
  5. Hit it until the lock nut turns
  6. Position the hole punch on the notch of the bottom nut (clockwise)
  7. Hit it, maybe hard, until it starts winding down
  8. Keep hitting until it stops
  9. Wind the top nut down to the bottom
  10. Hit it, not too hard, to lock it with the other one.

Dylan George Field adjusts the rear spring preload on the Honda CRF250 Rally Closeup of the rear spring pre-load nut and hole punch šŸ¤œ

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