How to mount Andy Strapz soft panniers to the Tusk quick release

A close up of the mount plate screwed into the back of Andy Strapz pannier
A close up of the mount plate screwed into the back of Andy Strapz pannier

How to mount Andy Strapz Avduro II to the Tusk quick release

The mount can be screwed directly onto the bag. This needs to be in the thickest and strongest part which is the straps. The best part is where they overlap. This is where I aligned the middle of the Tusk quick release mount. I then doubled-over the seat strap for the top screws. I cut the straps off once I was done.

DThe tusk quick release mounted to andy strapz avduro II

The supplied screws are not self-tapping. They aren't sharp enough to pierce the material. You need to use a drill or a sharp knife to create a guide hole. Before you do, place the mount plate against the bag and align it. Put it as high up on the bag as you can. This lowers the centre of gravity when it's mounted. Mark the holes with a sharpie when you're happy with the position. Make these holes smaller than the screw and it will grip it strongly when you drive them in.

A close-up if the 'doubled-over' strap for extra strength

I cut a piece of corflute to strengthen the back of the bag. This prevents the bag from sagging when it's mounted. It's optional and you can use whatever material you like. Plywood, sheet metal or plastic are all good choices. A great bloke on the Australian Adventure Bike Facebook group found a couple of 20L water bottles with the tops cut off fit perfectly!

Inside the pannier showing screws, washers and corflute

This setup is extremely strong. Don't let the thought that they're soft bags fool you. The straps on these things are as strong as seatbelts. They should support up to 20kg without breaking. Honestly, you shouldn't be carrying much more than that. Make sure you use big washers with the screws as it will help distribute the load. If you need to carry more weight than that I suggest hard panniers and maybe reinforce your motorbike's subframe.

Don't forget, the bumps on the road and trail can double to force against the bag! So make 'em strong or keep 'em light.

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