Ride from Melbourne to Kosciuszko 2023

The Honda CRF250 Rally at the entrance to Mt Kosciuszko National Park on the Barry Way
The Honda CRF250 Rally at the entrance to Mt Kosciuszko National Park on the Barry Way

I did a short 1652km trip from Melbourne to Mt. Kosciuszko and back.

I dislocated my finger coming down the notorious Billy Goat Bluff Track. I was lucky to have reception. I managed to organise the bike to be recovered. Meanwhile a couple of 4WDers took me back to Dargo where I’d organised a lift with a friend from my hometown of Sale. I was discharged from hospital at 1am. It was a total 5 hours before I was seen by a doctor.

I continued the trip and reached Thredbo the following day. The bike was collected from Admiral Towing, Moe. It was a fair ride and I managed to test the finger on couple of dirt tracks. It was slightly painful. I was determined to get to the top of Mt. Kosciuszko after my failed attempt the previous year where I burnt the clutch out on the bike.

Mt. Kociuszko is beautiful. The hike is a 10km up and back. There was snow in sections that require you on all fours. The chairlift is a great way up and the boardwalk makes it easy. I suggest taking a jumper in Summer. It took me a few hours to get to the top and return.

There were a few trails I went up on my way home to Benambra. I navigated some simple fire trails that were easy on my finger. The fires did a number out there. I made it to Benambra pub and camped out the back. The manager was great and so was the food and company. I highly recommend staying.

The following day I planned to ride from Mt. Beauty to Mt. Hotham to Dargo. I didn’t make it. I crashed in Fall’s Creek and the road was blocked by a landslide. I ended up doubling back and I got stuck on a track back where I started near the Blue Duck Inn. The front brake line got knocked in the stack and lost fluid. I had to nurse the bike down the trails. I eventually got out after a medium river crossing. I got rained on after. Not ideal.

I stayed at the Omeo pub on the hill. I fixed the brake and topped it up with fluid. I had dinner with a couple of other riders.

The ride back was via Dargo High Plains Road. It was a nice one. It was slick in sections due to the rain the following day but it was enough to keep me awake. A couple of other riders found it challending. I opened the throttle and flew by them dakar style. I learned this much from the outback.

The highway home was uneventful. I made it back in time to return my PLB to macpac by 5pm and caught the fireworks with friends. Happy New Year πŸŽ‰


Total Distance: 1652km Days: 4 Spend: $400 + $1500 bike recovery fee

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