Heated Handgrips

Take care to install the delicate elements!
Take care to install the delicate elements!

Generic - China

Cost - $12 AUD


Heated grips make life in cold weather more bearable. My hands bear the brunt of morning frost, high altitude chill and wet weather. Thick gloves help but they stiffen my hands and reduce the feel of the handlebars and throttle.

These are a cheap and effective solution. They draw little power and if you're replacing the handlebar grips I'd install them while I'm at it. The generic brands aren't spectacularly hot like Oxford ones but they do enough to take the numbness out of a winter morning.


You need to remove the burs on the CRF250 Rally throttle tube before installing them. I recommend you sand down the tube as much as you can. The Protaper Pillow Top grip is too small for it. You will damage the element if you try to force it on. I recommend taping the element to the tube so it won't move when putting the grip on.

The element wiring connects to the ignition via the outlet port in the left hand side fairing. They won't drain the battery if I take the keys out and forget to turn them off. The switch is located on the upper left hand fearing with male/female connectors in case I need to fairing off for maintenance. The 10 amp fuse will go if you short them šŸ˜‰

Remember, don't crush the element while putting the grip over them. Any crushing can cause the delicate circuit to break. Using lubricant can corrode the contact points and short them too. I know because I had to replace these three times.

Cutting the burs off the throttle tube with a knife on a Honda CRF250 Rally

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