Lightforce 6" LED Lightbar

It looks like an angry set of teeth šŸ˜¬
It looks like an angry set of teeth šŸ˜¬

Lightforce - Australia

Cost - $175 AUD

A lifesaving upgrade that adds over 50% more light to the CRF250 Rally's arsenal. The standard LED headlamps are great for the street but not for extended remote riding in complete darkness.

The lightbar throws up a perfect 1 lux beam @ 250 meters to reveal hidden dangers on the road or trail like roaming wildlife, fallen rocks, deep pot holes or fallen trees. Anything that can ruin your adventure or worse, put you in hospital.

It's great for lighting up the campsite. You can rest assured that the low 30 watts of power won't drain your battery. It's waterproof, the lens is made of scratch proof, high impact resistant polycarbonate and it has voltage and thermal circuit protection. There's little you need to worry about. It's high quality stuff.

The lightbar is centrally located thanks to a mount from SRC Moto (see below). This is important for:

  • Protection from falls
  • Protection from mud, dirt & grit by the mudguard
  • Unobstructed steering
  • Weight distribution
  • Light beam direction

A special thanks to my friends at Lightforce Australia for this incredible piece of kit and the concept from Project CRF250 Rally.

Every adventure bike needs one.

SRC Moto Lightbar Mount - USA

Cost - $40 USD

This mount comes with their 6" lightbar kit for CRF250L/Rally. Ask the friendly team for the mount, cables or whole kit!

Hook up

Remember to hook it up to the high-beam indicator so you don't dazzle people on the road. I mounted the relay under the seat and installed the on/off switch in the top left fairing under the handlebar.

On/Off switch for auxiliary 6 inch light bar on left hand fairing of the Honda CRF250 Rally A reverse angle shot of the lightforce 6 inch lightbar on the Honda CRF250 Rally The Lightforce 6 inch single LED bar box

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