Quad Lock Phone Mount

The Quad Lock with an iPhone 6S doesn't hide the CRF250 Rally instrument panel 👌
The Quad Lock with an iPhone 6S doesn't hide the CRF250 Rally instrument panel 👌

Annex Products - Australia

Cost - $100 AUD


⚠️ Warning ⚠️

Do not use a quad lock off-road on a phone with optical image stabilization (OIS). It will destroy the camera. My iPhone 7 was killed. This affects most modern smartphones from 2015 onwards. Check with your manufacturer if your phone has OIS.

You must use the Quad lock vibration dampener


I have a bone to pick with this local Melbourne based company. They said it's made for motorcycles but mine failed on my trip around the USA. They denied it was possible then redesigned the product.

They tried to send me a replacement in their defense. You just don't know where you'll be on an adventure ride or how long parts take to fly to from Australia > USA. Their smugness and indifference to my situation didn't help either.

A phone mount is crucial to adventure. You can't navigate a foreign land easily without one. The roadways are different, you're probably on the other side of the road and trying hard not to die while you're lost 100% of the time. It's no easy feat without a well mounted GPS.

This was the only thing to fail on my 35,000km journey. It hurts because it's a crucial component. It simply wasn't designed for this purpose. It's for bicycles and cars. Plastic is not strong enough for dual sport adventure riding. They just slapped a motorbike label on the box and didn't test it. I did and it failed, bad.

I went to the office to give them a second chance. A lady and engineer observed the leftover pieces of their Quad Lock. They were surprised and unapologetic. They replaced it for free. I told them I was going on a 50,000km trip from Melbourne to London and I need a guarantee it won't fail. The engineer said it's made of a new resin and has a rubber o-ring to prevent vibration (see video).

Dylan George Field outside the Quad Lock office

I asked for 5 replacement faces. One for each 10,000km that the last one failed. The engineer looked disgusted at my suggestion. He gave me one and told it won't fail. My apologies if I offend you for asking for a 10 cent replaceable component because I don't trust you.

The lady charged me $35 AUD for a new case. I updated my iPhone from a 5S > 6S. It's not a fault of theirs we agreed awkwardly. It should've been offered free out of goodwill.

The new and remains of my old Quad Lock

I never got to test the new Quad Lock. My trip is cancelled due to Covid. I have done 500km of dual sport riding and so far it's held up. It's a long way to 10,000 miles. We'll find out soon enough. I appreciate you took my feedback on board for you new design, it's just a shame you treated me like shit and never said thanks.

What's more filth is they have a model GS adventure bike in their office yet don't give much of a stuff about us. Otherwise, it's a good device, just remember your phone could get smashed on the highway with pre-longed use.

You can also try the Hondo squeeze (USA).

A lego BMW 1200GS at the Quad Lock office

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