Do I need quick release panniers?

Putting on Andy Strapz Avduro panniers using the Tusk quick release
Putting on Andy Strapz Avduro panniers using the Tusk quick release

Yes. Absolutely!

If you plan to on ride anywhere longer than a weekend and don't know exactly where you'll stay. You need it. I guarantee you'll stay in a house or accommodation at some point or just want to ditch the weight and go up a single-track.

A quick release system saves you time, frustration and gives you piece of mind that no one will steal your shit. Bears included šŸ»

It takes 1 minute to get the panniers on/off instead of 20 minutes. That's 19 minutes I'd rather be riding, drinking beer or enjoying a hot shower after a miserable wet day.

No one enjoys taking panniers off. Try holding up a 10kg pannier with your knee while trying to tie or untie those dirty crusted straps. "I can't wait to take my panniers off", said no one ever.

And that's how your shit gets stolen. I had someone go through my panniers and steal my first aid kit in Washington D.C. I left stuff on the bike because I couldn't be assed taking my panniers off and carrying it all in šŸ™„

Bears also like to steal things. So you need to put all your food in a safe, car or up a tree. A quick release makes that process smoother. Make sure you do it or it will knock over your bike and rip your bags to shreds.

Speaking of camping. You may have to trek to a campsite without the bike. Pull the bags off and walk. It beats having to go back because you forgot your Campbell's soup.

The same applies to rain. Do you really want to awkwardly clamber out of your tent, put your boots to get something out of them in the rain? No way!

Then once your a happy camper you can ditch the weight and go exploring!

You could use an inner bag, take it all out and leave your panniers on. It's a great idea if you're on the cheap. Me, I'd rather spend the extra bucks and take it all off in one. Those pannier bags are expensive and a quick release will only set you back a couple of hundred bucks.

A small price to pay that could save your hours and plenty of frustration.

Don't take my word for it šŸ˜‰

A thread on quick release systems on Aussie Adventure Bike Riders Facebook

Grace McDonald regrets not using a quick release

Check it out yourself

It takes 1 minute even for a numpty like me.

This is a Tusk pannier rack with Andy Strapz Avduro pannier bags and an Osprey Transporter 40l top bag. Note the backpack straps leave your hands free for professional style removal.

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