Day 15

The Trans-Canadian Hwy

Traffic lights of downtown kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
Traffic lights of downtown kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Marble Canyon Campground to Roche Lake Campground


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I left the Tim Hortons cup on the park bench that morning. I didn’t have any use for it and it took up too much space. There’s no bins at the campground. Perhaps the next person would want it. Probably not. They could decide. I got my food from the bear safe and planned my trip to Lake Louise.

I was told by the lady at Calgary to checkout Lake Louise. She said Moraine Lake was better but Louise was more popular. I followed the map until I got to it. The carpark was huge and full. It would’ve taken 15 minutes to find one and walk over. Thankfully, I was on a motorbike. I rode straight to the entrance where the buses were unloading tourists and parked there. I grabbed a banana and walked over to where everyone else was. They were at the edge of the lake taking selfies. I stood there overlooking the lake. It was pretty cool. I chomped on my banana in my full motorbike gear. It was so smokey you couldn’t see the end. Some people rowed in kayaks and canoes. I took a photo, swung on my heel and walked back to the bike.

I had to get to a cafe to plan my trip. I took the Trans-Canadian Highway and found a lovely cafe in Revelstoke. I was the first one I encountered in North America that nearly resembled the ones we have back home. The coffee was nice, the atmosphere ripe but the table service was lacking. I feared I would never find a coffee to match what we had. It was close. I got my laptop from the bike to plan my journey ahead.

The Montery Festival of Speed was in the front of my mind. It was August 19th and I had to be there on the 26th. I had 7 days to get from Canada to Los Angeles. I wasn’t sure if I would make it. It had taken me 9 days to get to here. I was as far North as I should be. I wanted to continue East and visit Whistler. A place many Aussies go for skiing. I had to go South to get to Montery. I planned a route via Vancouver, Seattle and straight down to San Fran.

I got a detour as I left Revelstoke. There was a fire nearby. A huge row of cars lined the highway heading West. Thankfully, I was travelling East. The smoke was as thick as it had ever been. I must’ve been right next to it. I predicted I may get stuck somewhere or cut-off by it but I didn’t. I set my destination to Kamloops. A large town to the West. I found a campground outside it. I would get food and fuel on my way through.

Kamloops was a large city. At leased for somewhere rather remote. It reminded me of Sale, my hometown, only nicer with the mountains. I found a supermarket somewhere within it. It had a dodgey vibe to it. I think some people were arguing in the carpark. It had a creepy arcade, like back home, where the locals would sit and stare at you as you walked in. I grabbed what I needed and escaped.

The campground was at Roche Lake. It was incredible. It was wide, sprawing and free. It had mobile reception and a picnic table. I rode the bike right next to it. There were toilets further up the hill and only a few neighbours in the distance. It was peaceful and one of the nicer places I stayed. Probably because I got there before sundown and had time to enjoy it.



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