Day 20

Marijuana and Mountains

The Porch, Buy, Sell, Trade shop in Malice, Oregon, USA
The Porch, Buy, Sell, Trade shop in Malice, Oregon, USA

Skull Creek Campground to Bunny Flat Trailhead


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Day 20 - I left Skull Creek and headed to Wolf Creek for fuel. I joked with the service station attendant about the movie. She told me all about how her daughter loved horror movies. Enthralled by her visit description of how terrified she got, she abruptly said “but anyway, she was murdered”. On that sober note, I headed onto Rogue River where I found a couple who ran their car off a cliff. They’d been there for 3 days. They had a friend on their way. I gave them all my food and they were greatly appreciative. Upon arriving at the next town I alerted the Sherif whose eyes grew when I told him the news. I continued further for coffee where I met a “ganja” farmer. I took up her offer to see the crops where she educated me on history, laws and the pollination process. A fellow adventure rider (800GS) she gave me free: a cantaloupe, 5 pears, as many plums as I could carry and a huge bag of ‘Pirate Booty’ and ‘Girl Scout Cookies’. Overwhelmed by her generosity I headed to Copper where I found out the road to Saide Valley was tough dirt. Adding an hour to my trip and in a rush to get to Leguna Seca in a day I marched onto Mt. Shasta. It was drenched in smoke. I asked the locals the safest place to camp and recommended Bunny Flat. I headed up the cool mountain and found a camping retreat for hikes filled with music and singing. I sat down with my Pirate Booty and reflected on a pretty good day.

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