Day 27

Crossing the Nevada

Overlooking Hwy 93, the loneliest road in America, Nevada, USA
Overlooking Hwy 93, the loneliest road in America, Nevada, USA

Lookout Campground to Hickison Petroglyph Park


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Day 27 - I hit the Nevada desert. Before I crossed the state to reach Utah I stopped in Reno, a nice spot looked after by the proceeds of gambling, where you’ll find pokies and blackjack in the service station. I grabbed a coffee and a new shoe for the bike (thanks Reno Motorsports) to prepare for the desert crossing. I ducked into RMS Guns & Ammo where I had a great chat with the MMA fighter Oscar in the store. He told me I all I needed to walk out and down the street with a gun was a local address and drivers license. I left the Guns, Ammo and Cage fighting store and ducked into the Forestry office for a fire permit and what to see in Nevada. The woman replied “a whole lotta nothin!” and continued with “it took my 42 years to see the beauty in all the sagebrush”. She gave me good luck and I headed on Highway 50 ‘The loneliest road in America’. To my surprise I found plenty of life out there from murals written in stone, a scraggy wild dog and plenty of birds of prey. I stopped at Middlegate, population 18, now 17). Where the charming waitress Rose and Navy man Dave at the bar lured me in with their ‘middle-of-nowhere’ charm. I sat down for a beer and burger and had a great time. So great it was late and I rushed to Austin to get to camp. There a man broken down at the gas station who spoke like Barack Obama said enthusiastically “where you headed?!”, I replied, “I dunno?!”, he looked at me with approval and said “that’s badass!”. I grabbed water and dodged 3 deer heading out of town. I rode slowly into the darkness. You need to be tough to survive out there.

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