Day 35

The Great Canyon Road and the Briscoe Bensons

The DR650 at Coke Oven's Overlook at the Colorado National Monument, Colorado, USA
The DR650 at Coke Oven's Overlook at the Colorado National Monument, Colorado, USA

Miracle Rock to BLM land somewhere near Crawford 🤷‍♂️


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Day 35 - I hit McInnis Canyon and out of the Desert to Grand Mesa. The Canyon road being the most spectacular on two wheels yet. Constant hairpin after hairpin on a hot mix tarmac through the Canyon makes for an epic circuit. Being late in and early out, I avoided the park fee and headed out though Grand Junction. Confident on my new chain I flew up the Colorado River into Mesa, a great road, as I climbed out of the desert into the cool black rock forest. I headed down into Orchard City where I refuelled and saw a man on an older BMW. I complimented his bike and before he set off asked me if I had a minute. I said yes and followed him down the road to the pretty white fenced property and his massive garage. Inside I found vintage Harley’s, Indians, BSA and all sorts of motoring memorabilia. The man, Dwight, certainly knew a thing or two about bikes with a superb attention to detail. I’m glad he has a home to look after these ageless classics. I was lucky enough to be invited inside and meet his beautiful wife and sampled her delicious vegetable stew. I have never met such an open and amazing couple. It was great meet both Dwight and Karen, thank you for inviting me to your wonderful home. I’ll surely be back to say hello when I ski the mountains of Colorado 👌 after some stew, peach and an apple I headed out to camp, misjudging the time I ducked off the road to avoid the coming deer and setup on BLM land surrounded by my favourite neighbours - the cattle 🐄 Mooo

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