Day 37

The Unbelievable Portal Campground

Richard Neumann aka 'slick rick' fishing on the Rio Grande river near Creede, Colorado, USA
Richard Neumann aka 'slick rick' fishing on the Rio Grande river near Creede, Colorado, USA

Rio Grande Campground to Portal Campground


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Day 37 - I headed through the Crested Butte and Aspen. I woke to frost in what was the coldest night sleeping with my jacket over my feet. I had pine nuts thrown at me from Squirrels above and said goodbye to slick Rich seen here fishing. On his advice I headed up the 141 through Lake City. I took the dirt pass through Crested Butte (butt 😂) and enjoyed the ride with mountain bikers and a surprise meeting with an experienced stockman running 200+ sheep through the forest with his 4 dogs. I went through Redstone and discovered ‘coke’ ovens and made it out and headed through Aspen perhaps the most beautiful town I’ve ever seen. The aged forest trees covering the town to make one scenic (albeit expensive) destination. I continued to the campground where I met a 8 mile challenging dirt track. While there was a paid yuppy campsite at the start of the trail, riding it rough proved fruitious as Portal Campground turned out to be the best damn site I’ve been. With lake views, bench, fire pit and stream next to me I settled in. I met the young travelling photographer Phil next door and introduced myself. I borrowed his fire later in the night to cook sausages and he kindly offered me a seat and a few of his chilled beers. They went down great with his charming laid back company, stories and his unique wood smashing ability. Thanks for the fire mate, I had a great time 👍

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