Day 58

To the 5 Boroughs

The New York Times with a coffee at Duzer's Local Café, Staten Island, New York, USA
The New York Times with a coffee at Duzer's Local Café, Staten Island, New York, USA

Janine’s House to New York and back


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Day 58 - “Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens & Staten, from the Battery to the top of Manhattan”. I followed the lyrics of ‘An Open Letter to NYC’ by The Beastie Boys. The local trio’s music shaped by their surrounding, rocked by 9/11 and are a major influence on my life. To live out the words have been a joy. I took the panniers off the bike and weaved in-and-out of the adrenaline rushing traffic. The lightweight bike at home as I battled through the Bronx and to Battery Park. I took the Staten Island Ferry to witness Lady Liberty in the morning sun 🗽I hiked through Staten to the dismay of Janine and found some tough neighbourhood charm where people fixed cars on the street, I saw a fiery car accident argument and navigated the crumbling pier. I grabbed a local coffee where I met Guy, a cocaine addict with heart and a chihuahua in his pouch (his ‘joey’). I thanked him for welcoming me to Staten and headed back to Manhattan. I walked to my favourite bridge in the world - the Brooklyn Bridge. The gritty bridge was everything I imagined and instead of walking the 35 minutes across, I had a better idea. Ride it. I doubled back, saw the WTC and rode the bike across. I found the Manhattan Skyline mesmerising as I watched the sunset fall. I hadn’t seen Queens so I planned a route on the bike via Brooklyn. I rode about through the outer boroughs and witnessed NYC in a unique way. I discovered something spectacular, something special that can’t be described. I rode the Ed Koch Bridge at night. I felt I was riding on stars. Surrounded by skyscrapers. It was unbelievable. Locals wouldn’t care and tourist would never think to do it. I rode home dazzled where Janine met me and had cooked me dinner. I detailed my experience and suggest to EVERYONE. Please do yourself a favour and ride or drive the New York bridges at night. It is unforgettable.

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