Day 60

Lady Liberty and the Cursed Train Town

A view of Philadelphia from South 22nd and Christian St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
A view of Philadelphia from South 22nd and Christian St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Parkway Inn to Stoever’s Dam Park


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Day 60 - Philadelphia aka Philly. I figured I’d check it out while I was here. The boxed townhouses that faced directly to the street intrigued me so I headed back to the burbs where Ruth lived. I noticed people gathered on the steps of the neighbourhood. On their phones, waiting for a friend or chatting. The steps make a perfect seat off the sidewalk. It creates a unique atmosphere, one I’d discuss with a local kid sipping coffee at a cafe. He told me they were ‘stoops’ and you can’t avoid a chat with your neighbours or a passer-by. I took my snaps and checked out the city. I was intrigued by the Liberty Bell whose home is in Philadelphia. No one has been able to explain it to me. There’s a small free exhibit in town. While I still don’t get it’s history, it became a symbol of independence. It’s biblical inscription core to the foundations of the country. I checked out Battleship New Jersey then headed out to grab a cap. I accidentally chose the store at the airport and found that I couldn’t enter without a boarding pass 🤦‍♂️ wasting time I left the city and into the rolling hills towards Lebanon. It took all afternoon to navigate the populated rural areas and I found myself in a campsite too close to town for comfort. It was populated by locals, one couple arguing loudly and I waited until dark to pitch a tent. As I ran to the shops for snags a man approached me gesturing at me. Feeling the hostility I stared at him and continued moving. Camping in towns isn’t safe. Locals come in-and-out at night. It was okay, I’d leave early morning. Spooky place though.

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