Day 62

Lebanon Valley Cycles, Jonestown, PA

A 'Lebanon Valley Cycles' sticker on the swingarm of the Suzuki DR650, Jonestown, Pennsylvania, USA
A 'Lebanon Valley Cycles' sticker on the swingarm of the Suzuki DR650, Jonestown, Pennsylvania, USA

Lebanon Valley Cycles to Williams Grove Speedway


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Day 62 - Bike fixed. I had a great sleep in the back of the truck out of the rain. The boys opened shop at 10 and had the coffee on ready. Dick was on the phone nearby and as I sat down he asked “Hey Dylan! Were you over at a campground in Utah?!”, “Yeah?!” I responded. He chatted on the phone more. “Did you see a guy on an Africa Twin?”. “Yeah, his name was Chuck”. “He’s my buddy, he’s on the phone! You wanna talk to him?”, “Sure!”, I responded. I caught up with Chuck, all three of use couldn’t believe the small degree of separation. Chuck had offered a place for me to stay and fix the bike. I grabbed his card but it was destroyed by rain. I thought he was in Vermont but was nearby Lebanon Valley and close friends with Dick. The parts for the bike arrived on time and Dave sorted it ASAP. Dick asked for the 100th time “are you sure you don’t need anything?”. I took his offer and attempted to fix a leak in my air mattress with silicon. Dave came over on my bike outside, “I greased the brake, clutch and kickstand as they were dry. There’s an exhaust leak, that’s why it backfires”. He’s touched up more than just the chain. We even plugged a missing bolt. The bike was perfect. I said my goodbyes and slipped a 20 as a tip for beers. I rode up the mountains and to Willow Grove Speedway as Dick suggested for the weekly Friday nights Sprint cars. I met Doug and the Beer Hill hang on turn 3 and shared a cold one. Doug offered me access to his cooler, he’d been coming here for 25 years. I got covered in dirt and couldn’t see. The loud 325, 420 (I think) cubic inch V8s deafening my ears. God they were fast. I succumbed to a cold I picked up the night before. I rushed to my tent and slept to the sounds of roaring V8s, blinding flood lights and a generator that ran all night from my neighbour.

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