Day 70

Sitting under Southern Stars

The flag flies over the entrance of Talladega Superspeedway, Lincoln, Alabama, USA
The flag flies over the entrance of Talladega Superspeedway, Lincoln, Alabama, USA

Pine Glen Campground to Loch 5


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Day 70 - Talladega Superspeedway. Lady Luck had the NASCAR circuit perfectly positioned en route. The highest speed, used in cinema and second only to Daytona. This oval is huge. I’ve never seen so many campers at one place. I parked inside against minimal Saturday traffic. The man next to me sold me a ticket for cheap. We’d see the trucks and NASCAR qualifying. I came purely for the noise. The crowd was unique like the racing. Everyone in a racing shirt, a skinny man pushing a big lady in a wheelchair and eyes that didn’t always go straight. We were all happy to be there on a sunny 30 degree day. Beers and food on hand. My seat was on the other side. It felt like a mile. The grandstand is massive. Then when you see the speeds the cars do, you’re instantly impressed. This is high speed, full throttle stuff. You don’t appreciate how hard the cars and their drivers work until you see it. Side-by-side for a couple of hours, one move can take up forward, backwards or into a concrete wall at 200mph. It’s incredible and so is the sound. Halfway through, I got bored as you can’t see the cars on the back straight, hear commentary and I don’t follow the championship. Everyone drank beers in the sun. I left and paces the circuit. It took my 45 minutes 😰 I accidentally walked the ‘banks’ and was told off, “you can’t be here!”, “shit, I realised but I’m trapped! (By fences)”. “I didn’t see you”, the man drove off. I’d later have a loose exhaust bolt, fixed by the kind men at an oil change service station and headed deeper into the South where demographics continued to change.

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