Day 78

El Paso

Pancho's Car Title Loans building in Sambrano, El Paso, Texas, USA
Pancho's Car Title Loans building in Sambrano, El Paso, Texas, USA

Desert Inn to City of Rocks


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Day 78 - El Paso, Texas. I left the Desert Inn dry. The warm air welcome after days of cold. I arrived quickly on the Interstate. There was nothing out there. El Paso borders with the Mexican city of Juárez and can be seen from the nearby mountain 👋 I didn’t enter. Both due to the border crossing and for safety. I grabbed oil and found jacked up Impala. The architecture fascinating. I left and headed to the White Sands Monument. The area a test site for NASA missiles. A Surface-to-air on display. The sands were impressive yet disappointing for someone who grew up on the coast. A scene from Transformers and other movies filmed there. I doubled back to my camp at ‘The City of Rocks’. I made it by dark. It was an amazing place to camp. Each site enclosed in giant rocks. The light of campfires running up them 🔥 I met a man who helped me navigate it at night (I lost my glove twice that day). He stayed there for 6 months over time. He explained its ‘suburbs’ and the most delicious oranges he’d had in New Orleans. “Hey, what are those flashing lights in the distance?” I asked the experienced man, “mobile towers”, “no that”, “oh, lightning I guess”. Some people with torches came and he ran away. I gained reception and found a storm headed directly for us. I cooked pork and watched the light show roll towards me over the desert. I moved my bike and tent next to a rock face for protection. The storm came and I was safe.

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