Day 85

Death Valley at Dusk

Death Valley, California, USA
Death Valley, California, USA

Zibby Peak to Wild Rose Campground


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Day 85 - Las Vegas/Death Valley NP. The Conti on my rear had failed. I called the day before and found a dedicated motorbike tire store stocking a matching Shinko to my front. I rolled in via Henderson, had coffee and entered the store. It was a dodgy neighbourhood and the tire store was barred up. A man slept outside. I opened the door and was greeted with smiles and professionalism. I can’t say the same for outer Las Vegas where beggars and down-and-purses roam the outskirts. The housing is poor. Billboards line the motorways with “Everyone Wins”. It’s clearly a lie. The Glamour of Downtown masks the inane losers that the City of Sin is built upon. I did not stop in Las Vegas. A clown city trying to hide it’s ugly foundations. I exited immediately to Death Valley. The hottest place in North America where temperatures average 45C in summer. Below sea level and recycling the air between the valley guarantees nothing to survive, except the Badwater snail. People walked the valley. They were crazy. I rode out and avoided the $5.5/gallon fuel prices and store attendants who had “no tap water”. I passed the Mustard Mountains and Devils Cornfield. I had a conversation with other riders who camped in the lowlands. I went on to the secluded Wildrose Campground and was greeted by the intense rose sunset that engulfed the valley. I drank a local soda and at Cheetos as the sun fell. The glorious sight was shared with other campers who pulled out chairs to witness the Wildrose event. What a spot 🌹

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