Day 88

Hanging out with a Trans woman in Hollywood on Halloween

An old Toyota Tecoma used by gardeners off Linblade Drive, Los Angeles, USA
An old Toyota Tecoma used by gardeners off Linblade Drive, Los Angeles, USA

Paradise Inn and back


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Day 88 - The Paradise Inn/West Hollywood. The trip is coming to a close. The reality of selling the bike is real. I still had gifts to buy friends and family. I walked the neighbourhood and found the best coffee around. A pair of twins greeted me in blue wigs. I arrived at LA during Halloween. I sat at the bar and asked them what to do that night. β€œWest Hollywood would be good”, one said and the other agreed. I took off and ducked into a run-down gift store. I took the bike to a car wash and spent a couple of hours with a hand wipe and kerosene. The dirt was caked on bad. A man asked me for change. He looked like a pimp. I refused. I got an offer of $1,200 from one dealer and none from another. The sales rep told me to sell it on Craigslist and showed me how to transfer the title. I did just that. I grabbed a pair of jeans and food. I headed to Hollywood in what must’ve been the worst inner suburb traffic imaginable. The bike overheated, failed to start and I rolled started it down the busy street. The streets of West Hollywood were blocked off fo all the people dressed in costume. They know how to party. The beats were solid and the bars streaming with people. They had speakers lining the streets pumping jams. It was incredible. If I ever want to party, this is where I’ll go πŸŽ‰

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