Day 90

Adios Amigos - I Sell the Bike and Return to Australia 🇦🇺

The plane waiting at the terminal to return to Australia at Los Angeles Internation Airport (LAX), California, USA
The plane waiting at the terminal to return to Australia at Los Angeles Internation Airport (LAX), California, USA



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Day 90 - Home. After a long stint on the lonely road it’s time to say goodbye to both the bike and North America. The DR took its home with Brett, Janine’s amazing friend and ex-colleague. He did me a solid by purchasing the bike on short notice and ordering me an Uber to the airport. There’s a lot to say about this incredibly diverse country. The people vary as much as the landscape. From magnificent mountains to scorching desert and rolling grasslands, you can travel a few hours and it’ll completely change. There’s nothing like it. The big trucks and freedom to shoot a gun can only be accurately described as “the Wild West”. It’s built on solid foundations of forefathers that cared to build a system that worked. Sure it has its problems and the some believe it’s horrible place. I suggest they look around the world because despite their questionable militarism, homelessness and extreme political ideals - it’s excellent place to live that gives you the freedom and liberty to do and be what you please. I always felt safe, the infrastructure was great, the economy is doing well and the people were amazingly hospitable (just don’t bet on the coffee). The USA considers itself the “god damn best country in the world”, they’re certainly standing on it. It’s not for everyone but, if you’re looking for a place to ride a motorbike, camp and explore some of nature’s great beauty. It’s a bloody great choice. If we’re the lucky country then they’re truly blessed 🙏 To everyone who followed, supported and commented. Thank you. It got me through those lonely days. Most importantly thank you to my partner Azar Zamani who encouraged me to follow my dream despite the massive sacrifice in our ability to communicate across the globe. I love you and cannot wait to see you again ❤️ Until the next adventure - Adios Amigos 🧢🏜

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