Ride from Melbourne to Finke 2022

Planning a route from Melbourne to Finke on a Hema roadmap

I will ride from Melbourne to the Finke Desert Race on Queen’s Birthday long weekend on 10th - 14th, June 2022. It’s a 7500km trip through the Australian outback. It’s my first time out there and I look forward to checking out Uluru and the many National Parks, pubs and people scattered along the way.

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The 2017 Honda CRF 250 Rally - 'Sheepskin'

The Honda CRF 250 Rally that was to take me 50,000km from Melbourne to London

Low-cost, modern and reliable, this 157kg dual purpose bike is perfect to go around the world. It's based on the tried and tested Honda CRF250L and has a larger fuel tank, windshield, and LED headlights. It was picked up second-hand for just under $5,000 AUD with 7,000km on the clock.

You can read more about why I chose the Honda CRF250 Rally here.

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Riding Melbourne > London in 2020

A map with red string from melbourne to london covers Dylan George Field's bedroom wall

Update: 3/3/2020 I made the uncertain and unfortunate call to cancelled the trip after 6 months of dedicated planning and hard work. This is based on a projected spread of the virus and reports of border closures with Iran and China. I expect the virus to become pandemic with further uncertainty and closures. Catching this early means I can stay at work and keep my house. Thank you all for your support.

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Day 86

The Incredible Sherman Pass

Overlooking the winding roads of Sherman Pass down towards Kernville, California, USA

Wildrose Campground to next to gold ledge campground

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Day 85

Death Valley at Dusk

Death Valley, California, USA

Zibby Peak to Wild Rose Campground

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Day 84

Don't Gamble in Las Vegas

Looking back towards Lake Mead at the Hoover Dam, Nevada, USA

Ponderosa Campground to Zibby Peak

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Day 83

Navajo Taco

A mural of a native american grandma and grandson on a trading post wall off Highway 89 near Bitter Springs, Arizona, USA

Just outside Grand Canyon campground to Ponderosa Campground

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Day 82

Don't Walk to the Colorado River and Back

Walking the Kaibab trail down to the Colorado river at the Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA

Just outside Grand Canyon Campground and back

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Day 81

I Find the Cactus 🌡

Saguaro cactus in a field off North Beeline Highway, Tonto National Forest, Arizona, USA

Vacation Inn to just outside Grand Canyon campground

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Day 80

Racing the Rain

A wheel from a haul truck off Highway 191 near Morenci Mine, Arizona, USA

Head of the ditch campground to Vacation Inn

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Day 79

Stuck in Mud 70 miles from Nowhere

Camping at the City of Rocks State park, New Mexico, USA

City of Rocks to Head of the ditch campground

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Day 78

El Paso

Pancho's Car Title Loans building in Sambrano, El Paso, Texas, USA

Desert Inn to City of Rocks

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Day 77

Three Days in the Desert Fun

The Suzuki DR650 infront of the Chisos Mountains at Big Bend National Park, Texas, USA

Chisos Basin Campground to Desert Inn

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