Day 31

I go a Bridge too Far

Road closed signs due to wildfire at the Skyline Drive, Tucker, Utah, USA
Road closed signs due to wildfire at the Skyline Drive, Tucker, Utah, USA

Sawmill Hallow Campground to Cathedral Valley Campground


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Day 31 - I took a risk headed South towards the National Parks of Utah. Awoken my my neighbours I rode out of the campground as patches of dirt became mysteriously red. I refuelled at the deer head walled servo at Tucker and headed to Skyline Boulevard that lines the mountain range below. I found it sadly closed due to fire. I continued South and magically ended up on it after seeing the coal mines near Schofield. Riding to 10,000 feet the dirt road rams along the ridge with spectacular views on both sides. Meeting horses and blowing a cool gale I set back down to The Coffee Depot for a break. Here I met Sandy and her team setting up for the ‘grand opening’. Letting me stay regardless of the reconstruction she charmed me with her precise knowledge of what makes a great coffee. I wished her and the team all the best and continued to Salina avoiding any more dirt to save the chain. Aside from the delicious ‘Ice Cream Mountains’ 🍦for their vanilla, lime and strawberry choc chip colours, it was a boring ride to Whipup where I found the campsite road long and dirty into the Capitol Reef NP. I figured there must be something special at the end when you ride 45 minutes down a secluded dirt road. I was not disappointed. @ Mount Pleasant, Utah

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