Day 32

I almost die

The DR650 under a giant plateau in the Capitol Reef National Park, Utah, Colorado, USA
The DR650 under a giant plateau in the Capitol Reef National Park, Utah, Colorado, USA

Cathedral Valley Campground to Horsethief Campground


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Day 32 - I almost died in the Capitol Reef National Park. After setting up camp the night before I met two travellers who explained I was at the ‘Cathedrals’ with nearby hikes. I read a Brou here explaining I was in ‘remote backcountry’ and the dangers of being out there. Unaware of how remote I really was I panicked slightly as my reserves were low. I was determined to see the park regardless. The Cathedrals was worth it. A hidden gem few had the guts to see. I clambered down a steep rocky hill to get closer, a car behind me. I fell on the lose stone, the weight of the bike overwhelming me. I signalled the driver to ‘help’. He ran out in thongs and saved me the back breaking lift. I managed no further and stumbled again. Again, he was there. I managed out breaking my phone mount. I parted the driver and headed up the sand roads to exit the park. Low on water and concerned about possible rain, my chain failing, fuel and food. I was not well prepared for backcountry. To my surprise I cleared the park and made to a nearby town. I had coffee and heard a “you made it out!”. It was Alec, the man who saved me. We caught up, the 25 year old Texan on his own expedition for 5 months. We contemplated campsites and agreed to split the cost at Horsethief Campground. Along the way I finally understood the stunning beauty of Utah. The red monoliths and plateaus awing me. As I followed through the canyons the landscape continued to shift as did my amazement. I took an hour hike in the desert and headed for camp. I picked up 2 steaks on the way and got to camp before dark. Unsure if Alec made it I scoped the camp and saw him wave on his Mountain Bike. We setup camp in sync, two lone travellers excited to met and share our trails and tribulations. He pulled out the beers and I the streak. We gathered wood, met a man named Chuck and basked in the glory of travel, mateship and a damn good beer, steak and fire. Later that night a fox appeared. Jumped up next to us at the picnic table. Scared away by my accidental camera flash, he took off with my bread and cookies later in the night. The flash of plastic bag moving through the moonlight 🦊🍪🌔

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