Day 41

The Grand Tetons

The Grand Tetons with Snake river in the foreground near Moran, Wyoming, USA
The Grand Tetons with Snake river in the foreground near Moran, Wyoming, USA

Sinks Canyon Campground to Pole Bridge Campground


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Day 41 - The Grand Tetons. I thought this would be a boring day. Iโ€™d heard of Yellowstone and the Tetons but no one explains whatโ€™s there. I suppose they want to keep it a surprise as I was wowed when I headed from the Wind River Reserve to the Western town of Dubois. I began to see massive stone rising from nowhere. I wondered why there were no Vista Points (lookouts) off the highway as I took forest roads to get a closer look. As I came over Togwatee Pass I realised why as the stunning Tetons poked the sky with their piecing sharp peaks. The range impressed all those who passed by. The grazed land and Snake River making a truely breathtaking scene. This land was purchased by John D. Rockefeller and donated to the National Park. Thank god he did as it both needs to be protected and I need a place to enjoy lunch ๐Ÿ‘Œ I headed around the Southern end of Teton Pass as no road can pass directly through. Behind the tourists and sluggish RVs I headed to Ashton where the grocery girl corrected the way I say โ€˜meatโ€™ and saw the local collage Huskyโ€™s playing football. I headed to camp outside the wheat fields and down a dirt track that was labeled Mesa Falls. I found and excellent campground perfect for bears but lacking bear storage. I took a risk and cooked well deserved and succulent pork chops as Iโ€™ll hit Yellowstone tomorrow morning and pray the bears donโ€™t tear my bike apart ๐Ÿคž Iโ€™ll find those falls tomorrow

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