Day 42

Sneak through the back of Yellowstone

Indian Lake with lilypads near Yellowstone National Park, Idaho, USA
Indian Lake with lilypads near Yellowstone National Park, Idaho, USA

Pole Bridge Campground to Carbella Campground


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Day 42 - Yellowstone National Park. I wasn’t prepared for such a huge day. I quickly checked out Mesa Falls on my way and ran into Clifford from North Carolina. The fellow rider saw me, slapped me on the back with a huge smile and “how the hell you doing man!”. He and his wife showed me the way to the falls and beautiful rainbow it caught in the morning sun. His wife gave me a list of must see’s at Yellowstone and Clifford gave me his details, tips and in true motorbike style - a push backwards. Glad to had seen the falls I headed to the park via a forest road in an attempt to avoid the $25 fee. I found a stunning Lune Duck Lake and headed further down the dirt track. The lengthy journey cutting between 3 National Parks took longer than expected and failed to avoid the toll booth. I headed to the showpiece ‘Old Faithful’ a volcanic geyser that shoots boiling water on schedule. Surrounded by hundreds of people, young and old, it held true to its name. I beat the scores of tourist and found steaming basins, bubbling pools and buffalo. I saw molten rock formations and falls by land shaped by the volcanic caldera. As the sun dipped I headed for camp and was stuck behind the scores of tourists who drove at 25mph, stopped suddenly and had to slow for every animal close to the road. If my frustrations weren’t enough I was stuck in 20 minute road works. I arrived at camp late and missed out on a bench. I sat on my rock as the winds grew and the rain began to fall. I packed everything away and reflected on how privileged I am to stand on active volcanic land. You don’t see that in Australia.

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