Day 43


The Yellowstone National Park sign outside Gardiner, Montana, USA
The Yellowstone National Park sign outside Gardiner, Montana, USA

Carbella Campground to Lovell Camper Park


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Day 43 - Second day at Yellowstone. I can’t get enough of the park and I can’t post more photos that wouldn’t capture breadth of its beauty and diversity. I left my windy shack at Carabella and headed straight to the park after coffee at a local shop. I managed to capture the stairs at Mammoth Hot Springs in full light as planned. I continued to canyons, views of meadows (perfect for bears) and a wide view of the giant sunken caldera where the volcano collapsed to earth (and may have formed the waterfall you see here). Here a girl sat quietly and painted the landscape and another person described this land perfectly - wild. The huge park contains no homes, just undisturbed wilderness. I urge this continues indefinitely. As I made my way to the lower falls hikes of the Yellowstone Grand Canyon and ‘death valley’ as I call it, where all the trees have perished, I found a group of people staring and found out later it was a bear. I continued out the East entrance through Shoshone National Park. The stone walls and mountains clearly formed by molten rock. The swirling and bubbling visible from the road. I just can’t get enough, the diversity never ends. As I edge towards the town of Cody, I met the sharp Cedar Mountain, out of nowhere near the Buffalo Bill Dam. As I enter Cody, I witnessed the biggest rodeo stadium I’ve ever seen. God damn, I’m definitely in Wyoming.

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