Day 44

Medicine for a Rattlesnake

Cooking steaks on a firepit grill camping in the USA
Cooking steaks on a firepit grill camping in the USA

Lovell Camper Park to Timon Campground


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Day 44 - I headed through the Bighorn and to the Black Hills. I left my creepy campsite in Lovell satisfied with the cleanliness of the bathroom but not the strange townspeople coming in and out to use it. I met a cautious pregnant stay dog looking for food and offered some bread. She took it with glee and moved on. I headed up the Bighorn, a small range on the edge of a basin. Here I discovered the β€˜Medicine Wheel’ where no one really knows what it is and the theory I discovered later was it’s like a prehistoric version of a medicine cabinet where people leave medicine gifts that may aid others or take something themselves. As I excited Bighorn, I stopped at a lookout with another couple, we chatted and as they drove off I heard a distinct and very close rattling noise. Ive heard crickets make a similar noise but this was constant I instantly knew I was in the presence of a Rattlesnake. I stood still and found it half a meter in-front of me. I took footage as he calmed and went back into his hole right by the nature plaque. I warned the next driver who stopped and went on my way for coffee. I took the Interstate directly to the Black Hills by Sundance (not the film festival town) that was nothing but plains for hours. I managed to enter the Hills, missing Devils Tower (dammit!), and stumbled on a neat little campsite call Timon. I parked in, had a bench, firewood, grass, lovely neighbours and reception! (If you stand on the bench). I cooked up some more pork chops abs and let the night fade away 😌

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