Day 45

I Hate Motorbikes

The fireplace inside Spearfish Canyon Lodge at Black Hills National Forest, South Dakota, USA
The fireplace inside Spearfish Canyon Lodge at Black Hills National Forest, South Dakota, USA

Timon Campground to Roubaix Lake Campground


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Day 44 - I toured the Black Hills. From my campsite I headed to town. My phone had been failing and planned to video the problem for the support team who are sending replacement. I found a stunning spot by a creek to film and rolled onto the grass. I head a booming voice “get that bike off the grass”. Spending most of my time in National Parks I questioned “Why?” and was met with a “because I said so!”. The man who appeared to be a ranger for the park surprised me with his aggression and I continued to egg him on until he gave me a good reason. Disappointed, he wouldn’t let me video his beautiful park, I headed elsewhere, making a complaint at the office on the way. It was a bad start to the day as I made it to Sturgis, home of the huge Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. I believe hosts 500,000 riders as Paul or Gay Zazryn can clarify. The bars, saloons and restaurants all carrying huge car parks at their front to hold all the cars/bikes. I decided to loop the hills after Instagram failed to post and I lost a lot of time. I headed down to where Mt. Rushmore was, a local saying morning is the best time to see it with the light. I took his advice and rolled through Custer National Forest and some nice roads. I found out why it’s called the Black Hills due to the tree bark and dark mountain stone. I headed up to Rochford where I turned a corner at 50mph to dirt and almost lost it! Unaware of the dirt for 30miles I continued up the bumpy soft road, the bike sliding all the way. I got lost in a farm thanks to Google and made it to camp by night. I discovered I lost my exhaust header bolt again from the bumpy dirt. I’d hit Rushmore tomorrow morning and booked in a new front tire at nearby Rapid City. They can replace it tomorrow. In the mean time, the weather predicted rain. So I stuffed my camp away and prepared for a wet one.

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