Day 46

The Rains of Rushmore

The DR650 soaked wet an entire day of rain in Gregory, South Dekota, USA
The DR650 soaked wet an entire day of rain in Gregory, South Dekota, USA

Roubaix Lake Campground to Hillcrest Motel, Burke


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Day 46 - Cold. Hard. Wet. I headed straight to Mt. Rushmore. The misty rain hanging in the air. When I arrived I was shocked, “we drove all that way!”, I heard, as the low hanging cloud obscured the entire view. The small museum was nice consolation but I needed to head to Rapid City for my overdue laundry and front tire. My exhaust began to make noises before failing completely. Both bolts were lost and I farted loudly down the main streets of Rapid City in the rain, heads turning to find the source of the awful noise. I got my laundry done and got to Black Hills Powerspots for a front tire and replace the missing bolts. Dripping wet I ducked into a Starbucks and met Jinx and his friend Jim. Jinx (pictured) is a true gorilla rider. Walking casually into the Holiday Inn, sitting down, eating breakfast, taking 6 bagels and walking out. We shared details and he headed south to New Mexico and I headed for the Hillcrest Motel in the rain. The first 70 miles were okay. The 2nd hard as I lost feeling in two fingers. The strong headwind pushing the helmet into my skull. The final 70 miles was hell. I came off the interstate and went South and made a wrong turn. The bike failed to start. The water messing with the electrics. Somehow I got it started and I set down a mud road. The bike slipped on the slick road and I prayed it wouldn’t get worse. I made it to tarmac. As I hit 70mph a deer leaped across the road ahead and straight into an on-coming truck. It was flung to the other side of the road. Worried it could’ve been me, I hid behind a truck for 50 miles. The spay off it was wet but he cleared the path for me all the way to the hotel. The rain pounding all the way. I checked into to the cheap motel and met Robert, a lovely guy with 19 grandkids. We shared a smoke and chatted into the night as I hung up my wet clothes, ate Mac and cheese from a coffee pot and watched Seinfeld. I took an hour long shower and am pretty sure I had mild hypothermia. It was the best god damn motel ever.

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