Day 51

I went to Detroit and got arrested

The abandonded Pakard factory overpass of East Grand Boulevard, Detroit, Michigan, USA
The abandonded Pakard factory overpass of East Grand Boulevard, Detroit, Michigan, USA

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Day 51 - I saw Detroit and got arrested. I went direct to the city on the crumbling roads. I’d heard I’d be “dodging bullets” and “don’t go to Detroit” but it made me more intrigued. As the centre of the car industry and my love for industrial buildings how could I not. What I found was an absolute goldmine. The city is in a state of decay. These pictures do not capture its extent. Abandoned buildings are rife and people walk the streets aimlessly. But no one hassles you. The streets are wide for the old trucks and empty. Rising from the ashes I found not 1 but all 5 kickass cafes that were, new, renovated and hip. New Order Coffee was THE BEST coffee I have had in the USA. The waitress said “you should try the one down the road” implying it was better and when I told her I was told to avoid Detroit, she tilted her head and said in a soft disappointing sigh, “they still sayin’ that”. It was gold. Her humble attitude reflecting what I thought was a city that can be turned into something great. I saw the original Ford factory (renovated), the huge crumbling Packard factory (to be renovated) and many other unique buildings that only can be found here. As I moved on, I didn’t realise the border was across the river. The route funnelled me straight to a customs border and I found myself with the officer with nowhere to go. In peak hour and given the relaxed attitudes towards marijuana in the surrounding states, I figured I could get through as I did previously did. The officer directed me to customs, where they found my green bag from Oregon in plain sight. Asked to put my hands behind my back, I was cuffed and cell’d suspected of smuggling drugs into the country. After 30 minutes I was let out and filled paperwork. I was unsure if the trip would continue. To my surprise the officer told me the amount was under any punishable amount, took it and sent me on my way. It was all procedure and the officers were sympathetic. He told me I’d be legal in 3 weeks anyway (I’d later find out you can buy it 🙄). Ashamed of my carelessness, I repacked my gear and prepared for a long, dark and wet journey to a cabin - punishment for my stupidity.

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