Day 52

Dale Bennie

Looking west towards Etobicoke from Ontario Place West Channel at dusk, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Looking west towards Etobicoke from Ontario Place West Channel at dusk, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

AirBnb Hostel to Dale’s apartment


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Day 52 - DB - Dale Bennie. I made it. After a sopping night I woke to find the headlight on. I pulled the plug on it but it was no use. The battery flat. Water in the electrics. I messaged my host and her husband arrived, a big boy capable of pushing me to a start. The biggest hill, a half meter incline on dirt. The first attempt a failure. “I’ll only do this one more time”, I told Matt my helper, he pushed, i bounced and it crackled. One fire, two, three and bang! I thanked him, went to go and stalled 😅 he turned. I pressed the electric start and somehow it fired. I carried on and stole corn - Erin/Ben style 🌽 I held out at a nearby Tim Hortons as my phone spazzed out in the moisture. I warmed it by the exhaust and moved on Toronto as the rain cleared. A city is long wanted to visit was now real. The tram lined streets reminding me of home. As I honed into Dales location, in contact all the way, I grabbed some beers for the celebration. I was relieved and excited to see him pop out of the building. The sight of a friend after a long travel North East a relief. We commemorated, I showered and we hit the street. I met the wonderful Madison Paquin in her finely located and becoming bare digs as she and Dale prepare their journey South to Australia. We grabbed incredible value food at a Japanese joint and when the waitress smiled “ice cream?” She already knew the answer. Dale certainly knew the places to go. We took a quaint walk and I rode the bus, an experience I won’t forget, before heading home on a ‘streetcar’ which is Canadian for tram. It was a glorious night followed by an equally great sleep. Dale planned a route tomorrow of places I’d never heard and wrote them down. As the first time in a city off the bike. He will be a solid tour guide.

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