Day 53

Blisters on my Feet

Umbrellas on the beach of HTO Park Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Umbrellas on the beach of HTO Park Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dales Apartment around Toronto and back


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Day 53 - Toronto, Ontario. We prepared for an epic tour on foot after a deserved sleep in. We headed through the neighbourhood lined with parks, markets and storefronts. My expert tour guide teaching me the art of an unassuming street shot with a click, snap and smile. A scene is capture in seconds, like in the wild, the native passers by unaware and emerged in their surroundings. We hit a well worn punk pub for a hearty Mexican, the lovely waitress complimenting our efforts to consume the massive serves. The scenery changed quickly from University, shopping and business district as we used the tower to Center our location. I was played buying an expired baseball ticket for $2.50 as we powered to the nearby shoreline. As the sun fell we lapped Ontario Place and grabbed a stellar view from the breaks. We headed back via Dales old workplace β€œVice” before meeting the wonderful Miss Madison for a bite and farewell. We managed to grab oil on the way and I did a filter change and chain scrub for the bike. We headed to the House of Poutine and I discovered a taste of a Toronto favourite. We winded down with Timbits and Madison gifted me a Canadian Maple Leaf patch to add to my collection. I went to sleep with blisters on my feet from a long and unforgettable day in Toronto. Thank you Dale and Madison for the hospitality and I’ll see you both in Australia πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί (Note: the final 3 images and map courtesy of DB).

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