Day 54

Niagra Falls Hard

A woman pushes a pram in with her child in a poncho at Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada
A woman pushes a pram in with her child in a poncho at Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada

Dales apartment to campground near west almond


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Day 54 - Niagra Falls. I left the House of Bennie, spotted an uncommon Toyota Celica Supra and headed straight to The Falls. The highways lead tourists right to The Falls and are satisfyingly free. It’s great to see a city built purely for a natural attraction. Unfortunately, the man-made attractions are not. The tourist trap family theme park vibe with ‘casino’ visible to the children made me feel ill and ruined the beauty of The Falls. They are spectacular in breadth and height. A gigantic amount of water flowing through them. The amount of mist enough to drench passers by from an incredible distance. You need an umbrella. With the poor weather and crowds I was somehow let down by thoughts of the peaceful, tranquil and untouched falls I’d found before me. There’s something special about finding something no one else has or is hard to get to. I found further up the river to be just as nice and discovered the river is also used for power generation. I crossed the border un-cuffed and headed into upstate New York. The buildings and scenery began to shift. The tree varieties increasing as I was told it would. I found camp alone but sheltered in the damp hills. The young local ranger stopped by named Justin, to chat and offer advice. He told me I wasn’t supposed to park there. But given the rain and electrics last time, I explained I had to. He agreed. A stark contrast to my last running with the ranger who barked at me for parking ‘on the grass’ 🙄 I started a fire in the wet and kept dry from the night time rain.

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