Day 56

Beggars Can't be Choosers, an Ignorant Driver and Janine Braider

Stoops (or steps) leading to apartments in Albany, New York, USA
Stoops (or steps) leading to apartments in Albany, New York, USA

Cherry Ridge Campground to Janine’s House


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Day 56 - I went direct to Milford via Albany. I skipped breakfast from the putter patter rain and jumped on the interstates and flew to Milford where I’d take refuge from the rain with Janine, my uncle’s partner. It must’ve been a boring ride because I can’t remember shit until I got to Albany. Here I found the first of the multi-story townhouses with half-basements and steps (I’d find out later to be called ‘stoops’). The cafe played jazz and I found two of the Holden VE Commodore Police Specs at the station. A driver decided to do a U-turn in front of me as I exited the city. On a four lane, empty, double-lined road, I was perfectly visible. Unsure which lane he would choose I braked to antipathetic his move as he moved into my lane. I braked harder and he came to a complete stop in-front of me. I noticed the car park next to me as his reverse lights came on. I moved to block him as a signal of what he had just done. He proceeded to reverse and I moved to the drivers window. “Mate you pulled out in front of me”, I said “you have plenty of room”, he replied unaware of the dangers of pulling out on motorcycles and believing I was nearly ‘blocking his way’. “Mate, I’m on a motorcycle, I will get hurt, you won’t. Be more careful”. He mumbled in a foreign language as his kids looked at me and he pushed to his car park. I went on and took photos of the Museum before I had a great idea to use my marker on his window. If the man didn’t understand what he did wrong, this will send a message. I scoured the car and wrote on the window “Do not pull out on Motorcycles”. It sets like glue so the driver will have to wear my message all the way home. I trundled towards Milford and contemplated how ignorant drivers can be of the dangers of motorcycling. I arrived at Milford that night to the warm and joyful smiles of Janine Braider who brought me into her beautiful home to shower, sleep and have one hell of a good steak, asparagus and mash. She even bought beers to my taste and dips to compliment it as we chatted into the night about the ride, New York, her fathers scooter and how many times Wesley had to kick it 😂

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