Day 66

A Steam Train, Assless Chaps and man called Plumpton

A row of workers houses in Cass, West Virginia, USA
A row of workers houses in Cass, West Virginia, USA

Braley Dam to Glade Creek Campground


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Day 66 - A ride through Pocahontas County, West Virginia. I wasn’t sure where I was going so I followed the windiest roads across the National Forests and boy did I find them. For the first time since being in the Rockies, the bike was leant over as I rode the roller coaster roads through to West Virginia. The bike was at home on the tight narrow twists and I had a smile on my face. I found the remains of a civil war site called Fort Edward Johnson. I met a wonderful couple who work in the USAF, one the director of HR and his wife in legal. They invited me for coffee before they took off on the incredible steam train that takes everyone 5 hours through the forest. The beautifully maintained locomotive getting spots of grease by the drivers, dropped water and coal as the many moving parts turned as it lumbered away. I continued through ski resorts and twisted through the Pocahontas Quilt Trail to Glade Creek. As I setup camp an older man trundled over, clearly an effort, just to greet me. His name was Plumpton and wore cowboy hat and matching shirt and jeans. He was a 3rd generation from the ‘Plumption mountain’. Originally immigrated there from Ireland and the family never left. His heavy accent like I’d never heard in the US. I thanked the fine man for the greeting and chat by one of the true locals of the area. When asked if all of West Virginia was rolling forest hills like this, he replied “yes”. What a spot!

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