Day 73

The Eerie Trees from True Blood

A 4-way stop sign somewhere outside Baton Rouge, Louisiana
A 4-way stop sign somewhere outside Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Attakapas to Whites Park


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Day 73 - The Southern Coast of Louisiana to Texas. I planned to get a new rear tire. I rode to Baton Rouge a large city. It was Tuesday and I expected success. I shouldn’t have been surprised that on the flat lands of the South, no one rides Dual Sport so no one stocks a tire. I called Houston a day ahead. I called the biggest store in town. “We don’t stock that but we can order one in”, as I expected. The tire would take a day to arrive. I moved along the coast off the interstate. I encountered showers but no rain. The flooding obvious from the hurricane. I arrived at the beach and met a couple travelling with their two cats. I had lunch and noticed the exposed belts of my rear tire. Shit. I was 100 miles out of Houston. I research how far I could push it. “I’ve ridden 80 miles on a flat!” one said. I can make it if I don’t stress it. No hard bumps or high speed. I rode 40mph all the way to my campsite. I crossed a ferry and through the wetlands and into Texas. The oil refineries abundant. I found a service road that ran parallel to the Interstate. I could follow it all the way to Houston. It’s safer to travel 40mph on that than against traffic doing almost twice that with trucks. It was meant to be. I found shelter in a park from the misty rain that constantly fell. It was cold but it was better than nothing.

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