Day 74

Bucky's and Biscoe Bensons Save the Day

Traffic and overpasses on the Katy Highway, interstate 10, through Houston, Texas, USA
Traffic and overpasses on the Katy Highway, interstate 10, through Houston, Texas, USA

White’s Park to Lady’s daughters house


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Day 74 - Houston, Texas. I clambered out of my wet shelter. The mist ran sideways through it. I was chewed up by mosquitoes. I got back onto the service road and rolled at 40mph into Houston. I was relieved to make it to Stubbs Cycles. I was sure the tire would either be flat in the morning or tear apart on the way. I sat next to a man in the service department. He was apprehensive but we hit it off. The trucker discussing his 40+ guns, them being stolen, life on the road and hunting. He thanked me for the chat and the idea of an electric ATV both silent and easier for him to maintain. The mechanic rolled a tire to me. The delivery didn’t arrive. “We have this”, he said. “Looks old”, I replied. I touched the rubber, it was hard. “Put it on”. It wasn’t a 80/20 but it’d get me to Cali (I’d later regret this). I met another couple outside, the girl travelling to Melbourne. “You should come!” She said to her boyfriend as he eyed the Ninja motorbike in front of him. Col, sales rep, spoke to me and told me I must see ‘Buc-ees’, a service station known for its clean bathrooms. As it got late I received a message from Karen who I met in Colorado with Dwight - “Stay with my daughter in Austin!”. I quickly replied and spontaneously setup a met. How perfect to escape the cold! I left Stubbs and found Buc-ees. “7 dollars on pump.. 37.. 37!”. It was the biggest station I’d seen and like Col said the bathroom impeccable. I met Tiffaney up a dark cluttered driveway. She opened the door to her beautiful and huge home. I met her colourful housemates and she’s prepared delicious ribs for a stranger! “Just like her mum” I would hear multiple times 😂 We sat with Osh, her partner, and chatted the night away. Her shower was incredible and the couch too. An incredible dash of luck, hospitality and the foresight of Karen Briscoe Benson 👌

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