Day 75

The Alamo and the Guy who looked at me funny

A warning from the sheriff for parking on a footpath in Austin, Texas, USA
A warning from the sheriff for parking on a footpath in Austin, Texas, USA

Lady’s daughters house to Motel 6 Del Rio


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Day 75 - Austin, Texas and The Alamo. I brewed coffee with Tiffaney’s knowledgeable punk housemate and ate Osh’s delicious almond oatmeal with goat milk 👌 we chatted Burning Man and I discovered Tiffaney’s artistic flair in the fine details of her home. The recycled doorknobs and artefacts scattered throughout the house. I headed to Austin an upcoming city. I heard it had a vibrant software startup scene and hip culture. I wasn’t disappointed. I took a photo at mural for my partner, Azar Zamani, whom we celebrate 2 years 🎉 (P.S I love you ❤️). I checked out the Capitol and received a warning for parking on a footpath by a patrolman in a golf cart. I hunted a local software developer and found a remote worker, James, who explained the industry in the city. I rolled back to Tiffaney’s to grab my forgotten Camelbak. The showers started and I put on my wet weather pants for the ride to San Antonio. I saw the Alamo where the Mexicans slaughtered the Texans in a standoff. The rain began to fall as I exited the city on my way to Del Rio. It pounded as I got on the interstate and I had to take shelter in an abandoned Gas Station. Rivers of water slashed over my feet and soaked to my socks. I began my 150 mile journey in the rain. I stopped for fuel and I heard a man remark at me ‘stupid’. I neither agreed nor disagreed as I had a schedule to keep. I pushed to the border town of Del Rio by night. Soaked to the bone a service station attender looked at me in surprise as I dripped in front of him. He’d never seen something like me out there. I casually paid like it was another day. I arrived at a motel 6 I booked. It was the best one I’d been too. I had a solid sleep and dried out.

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