Day 76

Holy Shit the Spiders are Huge!

A blue van parked outside starbucks, Del Rio, Texas, USA
A blue van parked outside starbucks, Del Rio, Texas, USA

Motel 6 Del Rio to Chisos Basin Campground


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Day 76 - Big Bend National Park. The rain spat as I exited Del Rio. The scenery changed dramatically that I had not noticed in the dark rain of the previous night. I was stopped at a checkpoint by Border Patrol. They looked at my documents. They were a constant sight with Mexico in sight. How people would attempt crossing in the harsh desolate land was beyond me. The risk of death is high. Even by vehicle. I headed along the loneliest road I’ve been. There wasn’t a car for 10 minutes. I passed abandoned towns where I planned get fuel. I ran to 130 miles until I found one. I cautiously planned my next stops. The flora was incredible. I’d never seen so many Yucca’s, Desert Coral and Prickly Pear. Tarantulas crosses the road to escape the wet. They were huge and easily visible from the road. I asked the lady at the visitor centre if they were poisonous, she said no. “Another Australian asked the same thing just before. I don’t know why”, “because the spiders will kill you there”, “oh” she replied. I planned my journey through the park with her help. I would stay at Chisos Basin as they had shelters in preparation for the nights rain. It was within the only mountains in the park. The view from the campsite was incredible. I was surrounded by large copper cliffs. I roads the bike up and into the shelter and pitched the tent on the concrete. I trekked up a mile to the store to get wifi and send Azar videos for her 27th Birthday. I fought the mosquitos as I waited for the 5-minute videos to upload. At midnight the rain came and a river ran under me. I made a tactical tent move and kept myself dry. The young men below me did not.

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