The 2017 Honda CRF 250 Rally - 'Sheepskin'

The Honda CRF 250 Rally that was to take me 50,000km from Melbourne to London

Low-cost, modern and reliable, this 157kg dual purpose bike is perfect to go around the world. It's based on the tried and tested Honda CRF250L and has a larger fuel tank, windshield, and LED headlights. It was picked up second-hand for just under $5,000 AUD with 7,000km on the clock.

You can read more about why I chose the Honda CRF250 Rally here.

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Riding Melbourne > London in 2020

A map with red string from melbourne to london covers Dylan George Field's bedroom wall

Update: 3/3/2020 I made the uncertain and unfortunate call to cancelled the trip after 6 months of dedicated planning and hard work. This is based on a projected spread of the virus and reports of border closures with Iran and China. I expect the virus to become pandemic with further uncertainty and closures. Catching this early means I can stay at work and keep my house. Thank you all for your support.

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Day 63

Heyfever - Sick

A row of houses on Pleasent St, Hanover, Pennsylvania, USA

Sick day - Williams Grove

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Day 62

Lebanon Valley Cycles, Jonestown, PA

A 'Lebanon Valley Cycles' sticker on the swingarm of the Suzuki DR650, Jonestown, Pennsylvania, USA

Lebanon Valley Cycles to Williams Grove Speedway

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Day 61

Catastrophe in Lebanon

The DR650 being put on a flatbed tow truck when the chain broke at Stoever's dam, Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA

Stoever’s Dam Park to Lebanon Valley Cycles

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Day 60

Lady Liberty and the Cursed Train Town

A view of Philadelphia from South 22nd and Christian St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Parkway Inn to Stoever’s Dam Park

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Day 59

The Philly Cheesesteak

A philly cheese steak from Pat's King of Steaks, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Janine’s House to Parkway Inn Philedelphia

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Day 58

To the 5 Boroughs

The New York Times with a coffee at Duzer's Local Café, Staten Island, New York, USA

Janine’s House to New York and back

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Day 57

Doyle in New York

Dylan George Field standing in Times Square, New York, USA

Janine’s house around New York and back

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Day 56

Beggars Can't be Choosers, an Ignorant Driver and Janine Braider

Stoops (or steps) leading to apartments in Albany, New York, USA

Cherry Ridge Campground to Janine’s House

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Day 55

Watkins Glen with no Picnic Table

The most confusing highway sign I ever saw in Ithaca, New York, USA

Campground near West Almond to Cherry Ridge Campground

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Day 54

Niagra Falls Hard

A woman pushes a pram in with her child in a poncho at Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada

Dales apartment to campground near west almond

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